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About Me

about me

Like most young girls, I grew up "horse crazy". Unfortunately for me, I also grew up in suburban Houston, where horses are few and far between and my parents couldn't indulge my childhood wants. I did beg and plead with my parents for any opportunity to ride or be around horses, but these encounters were few and far between. So while I grew out of begging my parents for a horse, the desire for a horse never grew out of me.

I first became enamored with a specific type of horse when I was about 7 years old, and the Lipizzan Stallion Show was passing through Houston. One look at these magnificent creatures and I was hooked! The Spanish/Baroque type of horse was everything I thought I horse should be and I knew, that one day, I had to share my life with one of these beautiful animals.

As a young woman I was a model and went to school for art. I started a design and computer programming firm with a business partner, and was busy behind a computer screen for hours upon hours a day, year after year. I finally became unhappy with the life I had created, so I sought to reinvent myself. It didn't take very long to decide on getting the one thing that I've truly always desired - a horse. Ah but first - I had to learn to ride! My quest led me to one of Houston's most respected dressage trainers, Paul Kathen. He was a great first teacher and mentor, although he wasn't crazy about my idea of getting an Andalusian. I wouldn't be deterred, however, and began researching the breed and breeders. After months of looking, I finally decided on a mare in Colorado being offered by Skelton Mountain Dream Ranch. My dream horse was everything I had hoped and wished for all of my life, and I still consider her, Belleza, to be the best money that I've ever spent on anything.

So much has happened since 2003 - I've been to Spain several times to educate myself further, eventually buying my first stallion from Juan Matute. I went back to Joe Skelton a number of times adding to my mare line. I bought my first farm near Dallas in 2006, which is where I met my current trainer and friend, Matt McLaughlin. When Matt decided to make the move from Texas to the more competitive Florida scene I wasn't far behind.

In 2011 I packed up the horses, the dogs, my mom and the house and set off for our new adventure in Florida. I feel so very fortunate to have a gorgeous slice of horse country near Ocala. On this farm I keep the broodmares and raise all of the foals. The competition and training horses are near Orlando at Matt's training facility, Innovations Farms.

My goals are simple - to breed and show the finest P.R.E./Andalusian horses, and to help others find the horse that they've always dreamed of!

me and my horses